The Loire Valley, a destination of quality

These are the engagements taken by the tourist and cultural sites to satisfy their visitors:

Requirements prior to the visit
  • All documents and web sites designed for the general public shall provide complete information.
  • Telephone services shall be efficient and polite.
  • Customer enquiries by e-mail or letter as wel as group reservations shall be replied to quickly and accurately.
  • Parking facilities shall be clearly posted and easily accessible.
  • The nearby spaces are well-maintained.
Welcoming visitors
  • The site is clean and well kept.
  • The site entrance shall be clearly visible and welcoming, information posted shall be accurate.
  • A personalized welcome creates a positive image of the site.
  • Ticket offices shall be adapted to the number of customers visiting the site.
  • Restrooms and baby-changing facilities must be clean and well-attended.
  • The additional on-site services and facilities are adapted to the expectations of visitors (catering facilities, shop, chidren area, picnic area…).
  • The premises arrangements, the staff and the menu add some value to the site.
  • The site shall organize at least three different shows per year.
  • Actions are led to promote sustainable development.
Visiting the site
  • Tour information is clearly posted at the reception office.
  • Printed documents are accurate and legible.
  • All technological supports are clean and in good working order.
  • Visitor comfort and safety are guaranteed throughout the tour.
  • Visitors receive a printed document outlining the tour.
  • The guided tour shall be prepared with customer satisfaction in mind.
The Centre-Val de Loire Region and the Indre-et-Loire Department finance the working process of the tourist and cultural sites on quality. The Touraine Tourist Agency leads and coordinates the process, with the agencies of the Cher, the Eure-et-Loir, the Indre, the Loir-et-Cher and the Loiret departments.